Dog Bites

Dog Bite claims can be very difficult to pursue subjectively to the facts of the incident in question. There are laws that protect the dog owner and technical in their legal requirements to meet the necessary liability thresholds to attribute a legal responsibility and resulting liability to the dog owner. Moreover, home owner policies may exclude dog bite coverage reducing the scope of coverage available to the injured as a result of a dog bite.

Compensation is generally calculated greatly upon the injury sustained, especially when the dog bite causes scarring and or punctures the skin of the victim. There are however other means of recovery available for dog bite victims, where negligence is found on the part of the owner. Compensatory recovery may be available if the dog does not bite, but forcefully knocks the victim to the ground resulting in an injury upon proving that the dog owner was negligent in the care and handling of their dog.

Although these actions are generally understood as “dog bite” negligence actions, they are not limited to dog bites.  The same liability upon proving negligence of the owner can be attributed to other pets, including birds, cats, and exotic pets.  If the pet of the owner is inherently dangerous, like a Tiger, than the thresholds for liability are not as difficult to meet considering the nature of the animal that has attacked the victim.

K/S attorneys have successfully assisted numerous clients in their dog bite and pet negligence actions against the owner, and have settled cases over $100,000.00.  For more information about dog bites or animal liability, please contact our firm and speak with one of our attorneys.

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